Leviate Air’s Winter Holiday Destinations for Cold Weather Lovers

Holiday goers are usually ambivalent about wintertime, you’re either among the people who escape to warmer destinations or you visit even cooler winter wonderlands to sip cocoa and enjoy the attractions. If you fall into the latter, here are some great locations to visit with Leviate Air.

  1. Rome

As awe-inspiring as Rome may be in the summer, exploring it in the winter is an absolute treat. Visiting the Vatican in winter is best because you can take it all in without having to jostle with a crowd – that is after you’ve enjoyed your privacy in one of our roomy private jets. Savor red Italian wine in an Enoteca, and even take a bottle back to relive the experience at home. For a rich and authentic entertainment experience, sit back and enjoy an upwelling of emotion from opera performances in Latin and relish world-famous Italian cuisine. Finally, delight in an unadulterated experience of Rome by visiting the Testaccio indoor market and sample the local specialties.

  1. Japan

Shut your eyes for a second and imagine sipping a flavorful cup of Shincha tea, Japanese macaques basking in the snow, and taking in the surreal charm of Shirakawago village. The experience of visiting Japan in the winter is nothing short of dream-like, and it’s made even more breathtaking by the events such as the Sapporo snow festival. Go snowboarding or skiing at fantastic ski resorts at the popular Hokkaido. Open-air Onsen is best enjoyed outdoors in the winter. Enthralling as it may be to enjoy its beautiful scenery from above flying with Leviate, nothing beats exploring the Onsen on foot. Another one of Japan’s beautiful winter attractions is the Blue Pond in the small town of Biei. Rumor has it the pond’s striking blue color comes from the refracting effect of aluminum hydroxide.

  1. Antarctica

There’s no good reason to miss out on visiting this fascinating continent – it’s unlike any other place on the planet. Marvel at the quintessential winter paradise. The best time to see Antarctica is during the Antarctic summer (December to March). Visit the Paradise Bay west of the continent and admire the magnificent icebergs and still waters – two of Antarctica’s truest hallmarks. Also, you can play with the frolicking penguins and enjoy the other wildlife including the Weddle seals and—sometimes—leopards.

  1. Vienna

Be it the homey Christmas markets or the popular New Year Concert or the modishness of ball season, Leviate Air knows there’s no shortage of amazing things to do in Vienna over the winter. The Austrian capital is renowned for putting on a show during the festive period – its Christmas markets are simply unmatched. The most traditional and popular of these festivities that takes place on the Belvedere Palace front with a circle of stalls selling Austrian cuisine and traditional handicraft items among other things. If you fancy high society and the decadence that comes with private air travel courtesy of Leviate Air Group and waltzing in luxe ballrooms, Vienna ball season may be for you.

  1. Patagonia

Winter is a great time to indulge in Patagonia’s wild beauty without the bustle of summer crowds. Discover the great trails, ice-blue glaciers, scenic trails, and placid trails without having to maneuver human traffic. Also during the cold season, you’re more likely to witness rare sightings of Patagonia wildlife such as the condor, huemul deer, foxes, and pumas which all become braver when there are fewer people. You might even see guanacos and rheas treading carefully across the rough terrain.