The Dos and Don’ts of Private Jet Travel

When most people think of air travel, they picture crowded terminals, long lines at security checkpoints, endless rules about luggage and carry-on content, and finding available flights at the correct times and locations to get them where they need to be. But there’s another way to fly. Private jets offer far more than commercial airline flights, and a private charter flight can take you to your destination quickly, safely and comfortably. Let’s consider some of the Dos and Don’ts of traveling by private jets.


DO DISCOVER how easy it is to create your own travel schedule. With a commercial airliner, you can only choose flights that are pre-determined. You must work your itinerary around their schedule and any flight delays that may occur in the course of their flights completing their rounds. Since most flights rely on a plane that travels across the nation multiple times a day, you can be adversely affected by weather or other delays in areas nowhere near your travel plans.

DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF to airport destinations that serve commercial airlines. A private charter flight can travel to smaller airports in areas that commercial airliners cannot reach. Many travelers have found themselves spending hours waiting for connecting flights to get to the airport closest to their destination, and then often renting a car, taking a shuttle, or riding a bus to their final location. Thousands of smaller airports with no commercial flights available can serve private jets, and you may find yourself able to land directly at your destination in one short flight.


DO FORGET that arm-length list of rules that commercial airlines require you to follow to be allowed to fly. Travel on a private charter flight is so much simpler. You can take all your normal toiletries with you on the plane. No more ziplocks and checked bags, and no more size and weight restrictions on your baggage. Bring a bottle of water or a soda. Keep your coat, belt and shoes on, too. It’s that easy.

DON’T STRESS OR WORRY about security again. Private jets are safe and secure. Relax and enjoy your flight.


DO GET COMFORTABLE. Come inside and pick any seat you like. Snuggle in and take a deep breath. Your new arrangements are better than first class – they’re personal and private.

DON’T FEEL RESTRICTED by all the limits of commercial airline travel again. In a private charter flight, the focus is on you, the client. Not the airline, not the next load of customers, not the shuffling herds of riders in and out of the terminals – the focus is on you and your group. Stretch out, smile, and enjoy the ride.

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