5 US cities to visit by private jet this autumn

private charterTraveling using a private charter is an exciting and innovative experience everyone should list down in their bucket list. The luxurious and exclusive adventure is incomparable to any other mode of travel, with soothing cabin ambiance and customized services to cater to your specific needs.

With the month of October fast approaching, autumn is just around the corner. The change from long and sunny summer days to cooler and shorter ones easily puts a spring in your step. For travelers, this translates to endless travel opportunities, including using private charter services to easily access various destinations in the United States.

The vibrant fall foliage and crisp air is a great incentive for those who would like to enjoy the lovely seasonal scenery without the crowds experienced during summer. Here are 5 remarkable US cities you can opt to tour by private jet in autumn and experience some of the best moments of your lifetime.

  1. Santa Barbara

Also known as the American Riviera, this city has a lot to offer. It is popular for hosting quite a number of high rollers and various A-list celebrities in the fall as opposed to the summer. With its close proximity to the Santa Ynez Valley wineries, many people enjoy taking a weekend away to experience the ever-growing number of tasting rooms available.

  1. Denver

If you want to observe a spectacular view of the fall foliage, Denver is the city to visit. Whether you visit the Cherry Creek Bike Trail or along the High Line Canal, you are guaranteed an outstanding view of the beautiful autumn foliage.

  1. Stowe

This breathtaking city found in Vermont may very well be known as the capital of fall foliage in the United States. Stowe features scenic autumn foliage from early September all the way to the end of October. Similarly, the city offers numerous and diverse shopping centers, restaurants, tranquil retreats and a wide array of modern and top-notch spas to choose from.

  1. New Orleans

In the Big Easy, the fun is nonstop. With the New Orleans Burlesque Festival in September, the Voodoo Music Experience in October, and the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival in November, the city always has something to offer its visitors. Furthermore, for football fans, the Saints Football team swings back in action this fall, hence vibrant and excited locals singing songs of merriment across the city. Also, expect live music and big acts, featuring both local and international celebrities, before home games.

  1. New York City

The city of New York is well known for its beautiful scenery during the fall. Its numerous activities are sure to get tourists excited for the fall. Whether it is to dress up warm and kick fall foliage in Sheep Meadow, booking tickets for a Broadway Blockbuster, enjoying street food kiosks as you walk down the downtown grit, or even taking a walk through Central Park, the city has something to offer everyone in autumn.

Book a private jet in autumn

Private jet charter services are a deluxe approach to travel, especially for those who enjoy grand and unique adventures. Furthermore, traveling in private jet in autumn eliminates the need for connecting flights, which we all know are quite tiresome and inconveniencing at times.

Wherever you want to go, a private charter from Leviate Air is ready to take you there in the most relaxed and exciting way possible. Contact us today and book your flight to any of these spectacular US cities!