6 Private Jet Etiquette Tips for First Timers

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Business and leisure travelers, alike today prefer hiring charter planes to commute. Private jets are fast, can take-off and land on makeshift airstrips, and feature superior in-flight services. You, too, can book a charter plane on your next trip to avoid long clearance lines and other hassles. The experience of flying charter is different from […]

5 Most Exotic Destinations to Travel in a Private Jet

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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” The old adage is a wakeup call for everyone who works tirelessly to secure the future, while completely forgetting to embrace the now. After all the years of working long hours and work-commitment, it is imperative to take some time off for a luxury […]

Jet lag Disrupting your Enjoyment of Private Jet Travel? Here’s Help!

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Air travelers today increasingly prefer availing private jet charter services due to the many advantages of hiring private planes, such as fast clearance, ready availability, and superior in-flight services. That said, many travelers find it difficult to adjust to the change in time zones, which disturbs their sleep-wake patterns, giving rise to jet lag symptoms […]

Luxury Casino Resorts to Visit when you Rent a Private Jet


Luxury casinos and resorts offer affluent gambling opportunities, world-class dining, opulent interiors, and breathtaking surroundings. They are not only characterized by the exchanges of huge amounts of money at very high stakes games, but fun for the whole family. A private jet aircraft gives you unmatched convenience when touring some of the world famous destinations […]

Top 5 Luxury Jets Under US$5 Million

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  Many people dream of owning a private plane but only a few are able to manifest the dream. If you too are among the handful few, private jet charter flights are likely to be an everyday affair. Calling agents to check the availability of private jet charter flights and booking a charter plane, however, […]

Top 4 Destinations To Visit This Holiday Season And Celebrate in Style

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With the holiday season just round the corner, Christmas bells have already started chiming! How about celebrating the festivities in a different style, this time? Instead of following the age-old custom of staying at home, let’s explore some of the most festive locales around the world you can head to for a festive with a […]

5 Fastest Private Jets on the Planet

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Talk about superbikes, sports cars, or high-speed private jets – speed is something that thrills one and all. The fastest private jet aircraft, whether you charter them from Dallas or any other part of the world, not only take you long distances without having to stop, but also save your precious time. Their remarkable speeds, […]

Leviate Air Provides for All your Air Charter Service Needs

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Leviate Air goes beyond the sky. Whether you need private jet services or aviation consulting, we are here for all your air charter service needs. We can transport you on your next trip with impeccable comfort and style. Alternatively, we can advise you on your jet purchase, sale, or refurbishment. Whatever air charter service you need, Leviate […]

5 Costliest Large-cabin Private Jets Ever

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When money is not a constraint, it is natural for you to want the best of everything – be it the car you drive, the house you live in, or the private jet you own. Though there is no dearth of options for those with a deep pocket, wouldn’t you want to learn about some […]